Thank you all for a wonderful first year!
We hope to see you at our other shows, The Wicked Faire (ages 16+) and The Steampunk World’s Fair (for geeks of all ages!)


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Here, people who love any kind of geeky creativity – be it cosplay, robotics, making things, cooking, gaming, or any one of dozens of other imaginative pursuits – will find the convention of their dreams!

Come on in and explore!  Geek Creation is not just full of unique workshops, seminars, and activities – we’re also a friendly, welcoming event with meetups, socializing, great food, and metric megatons of fun!

(That’s approximately 98,000 kilos of enjoyment.  We’ve measured.)

Quick start:  Tickets are here.  Contact info is here.  And hotel information is right here.

More Delicious Info!

Gameshow master Greggo has signed-on for THREE game-show events at GCS! (Bio)

Our Master of Ceremonies

The geektastic comedian UNCLE YO will be performing as event host, as well as performing full stand-up routines. ( Bio )


Much thanks to the DC Anime Club!