Yes, Irons Can Be Cool Gadgets Too

Have you ever stopped to wonder just how much technology we take for granted on a daily basis?

While everyone focuses on the cool stuff – virtual reality, IoN, self-driving cars – we forget that we’re individually using more tech on a daily basis than NASA had available to them just a few decades ago! There’s the old fact that your smart phone has more power than the entire moon landing mission, which is incredible when you think about it.

I always marvel at how easily we forget how much technology has made a difference to our lives though…

Take the humble iron. We’ve all got one, and without it we’d be forced to use some sort of press system just to get non-crinkled clothes. Modern irons are much more than just a heated metal plate though. The best models provide powerful streams of steam that glide over all kinds of fabric, leaving it crease free in minimal time.

The Morphy Richards Power Stream Elite is a beast of an iron – and with amazing tech.

Take the Morphy Richards Jet Stream Elite as an example (see the video above if you haven’t used one before). It’s a beast of an iron with a 2400 power supply, automatic cleaning function so it isn’t affected by limescale, an iron base, 2.2L capacity and 170g pressure when it comes to steam. Most people would say irons are boring – I saw that’s an incredible example of engineering gone into a simple iron!

It’s not just irons though, we take everything for granted. The technology in our kitchens – microwaves, ovens, fridges and so on – make our lives easier than ever before in human history. The PC I’m writing this in would have been unthinkably powerful just a few decades ago.

In short, we’re spoiled when it comes to gadgets and tech. And long may it continue.

Seriously people, get rid of your Galaxy Note 7…

I just read on Twitter that there could be one million people STILL using their Galaxy Note 7 – even though these phones are basically mini bombs!

So just in case a Note 7 owner stumbles across this post, here’s a video on why you should get rid of it NOW!

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