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Welcome to!

Hello and welcome to my newest project!

If you know me, you’re already aware of how geeky I get about new gadgets and technology. It doesn’t matter whether it’s VR, a new gadget for the kitchen or just a cool game – I’m a geek through and through.

My goal with this site is to provide a fun and up-to-date overview of the world of tech. This isn’t a news site though, it’s more of a personal project, so don’t expect daily updates. Instead I’m just going to write about cool things when I feel like readers might be interested.

I anticipate that most of the content on this site will be about upcoming tech that I think could change the world. The IoT and VR are two examples, but I imagine I’ll be writing on a whole host of topics including new gaming platforms, self-driving cars and much more. Sometimes the coolest tech is stuff you can already buy though, so I’ll also write about consumer electronics when I think there’s something interesting to cover.

The best thing about a blog is interacting with readers, so please leave comments! I’ll always get back to you (even though it might take a while depending on how busy I am at work).

Look out for the first post soon!

~ Donald


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